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Announcing the first annual TurtleCoin™ Crypto-Hackathon

To celebrate our 2nd year as a community on December 9th 2019, we are sponsoring the first annual TurtleCoin™ Crypto-Hackathon. The purpose of this event is to reward the diverse and talented group of contributors TurtleCoin™ has gathered across many networks and communities, artists and developers alike. Just because we love you :)

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General Rules for Teams

    What would a contest be without rules? We have a few, and we think you'll find them to be fair:

  • Teams may be one or many individuals, named or anonymous. Individuals can be part of one or many teams.
  • Contest starts on December 1, ends December 9, 2019. All teams must register before December 1.
  • No gambling, or market-related stuff.
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10,000,000 TRTL PRIZE

Development Path

The development side of this contest will be tasked with creating a project that highlights any one of the recent technologies we've brought to the community this year.

WALLET-API A REST API interface for wallets on the TRTL Network. Send and receive transactions with a high performance C++ backend.

TURTLECOIN WALLET BACKEND A full wallet implementation and library usable both in the web and nodeJS, in native JavaScript. Powers both Proton and TonChan.

TURTLECOIN UTILS Low level cryptography utilities providing wallet creation, transaction scanning, transaction creation, and more, in native JavaScript.

TurtlePay® Remotely hosted payments gateway for TRTL. Securely receive funds without having to run any software.

TurtleCoin Daemon API Build rich applications by directly interacting with a full TurtleCoin node. Retrieve detailed block data, submit mined blocks, and more.

Art & Contributor Path

The art & contributor path is offering two non code-related challenges, and you can enter both, however neither is an easy challenge... Muahaha

3,000,000 TRTL PRIZE

Best TurtleCoin™ Propaganda Poster

Create a printable poster graphic to brainwash the masses into accepting TurtleCoin™ into their hearts!

Contenders in this category must create the most subversive and clever posters to influence the masses to give TurtleCoin™ a shot. As long as it isn't market-related you can design whatever you like!

2,000,000 TRTL PRIZE

Best Origami Turtle

Those of you who've been naughty little Turtles know all about this one. Fold your best origami Turtle to win, exile-style!

This category is judged on the most beautiful origami Turtle. It can have colors, patterns, embelishments of all types, but make sure you draw eyes and sign your name on the shell so we know it's you!

Origami Turtle Instructions